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There is a basic formula to winning.  You must look the best and you must move the best. 

Let us take care of you looking the best.


Dance Training Skirts


Flair Design is all about style and comfort. Our skirts have been designed to make you look and feel your very best while dancing.  We use quality stretch lycras for all of our skirts to make sure that your movements are unrestricted, so you can dance with no limits! 

 Through experience, Flair Design has designed and created several styles that not only complement your figure, but also enhance your movements on the dance floor.  Choose from a variety of Basic styles that follow the latest fashion trends.  For the more high-end shopper, who is looking for something more eye-catching, the Luxury line of skirts is perfect for you! 

 Order your skirts online, and we can offer you the following discounted prices.  Just send us the figures for your waist, hip and desired length of skirt, and we will create the ideal ready-to-wear skirt for you based on your own personal measurements!

Skirt Basics

         Asymmetrical Slant Skirt                $80



This Basic style has an asymmetrical line that angles down from the lower hip to the mid-thigh, giving a slimming effect.  This casual and stylish look was designed to give great volume by flaring out the bottom of the skirt, while maintaining the feminine curves by being slightly fitted around the hips. 


            Six Panel Skirt                                $100



This Basic skirt has three panels in the front and three in the back.  It is a very classic and sleek design.  Not only does it create volume by flaring at the bottom of the skirt, but there are also two knee-high slits in the front and back to make the skirt and therefore the movement, look even fuller.   



Asymmetrical V-Skirt                       $120



This Basic style has an asymmetrical V-shape that ends in a point at the mid-thigh line.  What gives this skirt its distinctive character is the way the point of the ‘V’ naturally forms into a slit at the front of the skirt.  This is for the more daring dancer, who wants more freedom through the legs and is not afraid to show a bit of skin.



Spiral Skirt                                         $120



This Basic skirt has a spiral effect of three smooth, spiraling lines across and down the front and back of the skirt.  This is a trendy new look that is based on the latest fashions.  For a more romantic and stylish twist, you can add lace trimming on each of the spiraling lines, which gives the skirt twice the appeal (Decorative trimming: extra $20).


Luxury Skirts

Eight Panel Skirt with Inserts          $150



This Luxury skirt is based on the classic paneled skirt design, this time with four panels in both the front and back.  What makes this a Luxury skirt are the eight triangular inserts at the bottom.  This skirt has been created with flair and personality in mind, as it can be embellished with delicate sheer fabric or romantic lace as the inserts.


            Spiral Ruffle Skirt                            $170



This Luxury skirt is our most exquisite design.  It has 20 pieces sewn together to give it a fantastic spiraling effect and an interesting asymmetrical hemline.  If you are looking for a bold and striking look, this skirt is for you!  It will enhance your movements by creating multiple rippling effects when you swish and swirl across the dance floor.   




If you’d like an haute couture skirt, designed especially for you, please email us to book a consultation meeting.  As the skirt will be fitted for all of your specific curves, unique body characteristics and personal desires, each skirt will be slightly more than the listed online pricing above.  This is because of the extra service, workmanship and originality of design that will be provided to you.   


Flair Design Dance Fashions creates original designs that are inspired

by the latest dance fashions from around the world.

"The swish and swirl of the Flair Skirt caught my attention immediately.
The unique design and cut of the Flair Skirt made
the dress dance across the floor and enhanced the dancer's movement.
It had a very feminine and delicate quality about it.

                                                   Loraine Baricchi, 3-Times Undefeated Blackpool Professional Champion


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