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Practice Wear



   Flair Design Dance Fashions helps dancers look their best.  Flair Design is proud of a special consulting and custom design process that creates the perfect competition dancewear, practice wear and evening wear for any dancer.  Inspired by the latest dance fashions from Italy and England, Flair Design only creates fashionable dancewear of the highest quality.  Continually working with BC Champions Joel Marasigan & Clara Shih as design consultants, we at Flair Design are confident we can make you look your best.

   Do you know the difference between solo routine costuming and group dance costuming?  What types of materials and/or colours are better for each particular dance?  Do you know which designs make you look taller?  Slimmer?  Fuller?  Which designs work best for your ability level?   Have you considered the mood, character and personality you want to express on the floor?  Are feathers are back in fashion?  Do you know when to use Crystal rhinestones and when to use Crystal AB rhinestones?  Have you asked these types of questions before?

      Let Flair Design make sure that all questions are asked and that all the right answers are found before your new costume is made.

   Initial consultations are free and by appointment only.  In-person consultations are not necessary though.  Flair Design has a regular amateur and professional dance clientele from across the United States, who are continually impressed by our ability to create perfectly fitting haute couture designs without having personal contact.  All correspondences can be done efficiently and effectively through phone, fax and email.

   Elegance, Style & Quality...this is Flair Design. With our inspiration and experience, you can trust us to get it right.


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